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Currently based in Melbourne, Ben is a musician and performing artist with a passion for creating and performing heartfelt and captivating music that connects with his audience. Ben has continuously written and performed music from a young age.

In 2013 he received a scholarship to study music at the Victorian College of The Arts (Melbourne, Australia) majoring in performance, before continuing his studies at the prestigious Berklee College of Music (Boston USA) where he majored in Contemporary Writing & Production.

After graduation from Berklee, Ben was engaged by acclaimed film composer Christopher Young at his studio in Culver City, Los Angeles. While in LA he was also engaged by Fender Digital to consult as online guitar instructor and curriculum developer. During this time Ben continued to create his own music, collaborate and perform with various artists in the US, including Leith, Johnny Cattini, Kayla Diamond, Neia Jane, Ariane Gabriel, Stephanie James, and his own band, Munro The Band.

In 2019, Ben performed his original music at the Viper Room, Hotel Cafe, The Mint, and the Silver Lake Lounge, accompanied by Ross Hodgkinson (drums), Jonathan Elyashiv (bass), Grant Milliken (keys) , and Jacob Peter (guitar).

Since returning to Melbourne in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ben has collaborated and performed with local artists including Fiz Eustance, Isabelle Davis, Noakesy, Playlunch, Amber Scates & Colburn. Ben has been performing the role of Bjorn in the popular and acclaimed ABBA tribute band, BABBA, and is currently on tour in Australia. 

In 2022, he established his own recording studio in Fitzroy, where he produces and engineers his own music as well as for a number of original artists.

As he continues to create and evolve, Ben is quickly becoming a standout musician and sought-after performing artist.

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